Meet Joe

I am running for the Minnesota House of Representatives 23B seat. Katherine and I have three daughters, ten grandchildren and three sons-in-law. I was raised on a farm east of Glenville, the oldest of six siblings.

I graduated from Glenville High School and Riverland. I also graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a graduate degree in Industrial and Management Systems Engineering.

I started my career in the Hormel Engineering Department. I then switched to Utilities in energy conservation helping customers reduce their energy use. I moved into management at Fairmont's Municipal Electric, Water and Wastewater Utility. My final job was 26 years as the Utility Manager of the Marshfield, WI Electric and Water Department. This is a Municipal Utility like Austin and Blooming Prairie and of similar size as Austin. 

I replaced a coal fired power plant with a gas-fired combustion turbine. Power supply contracts were negotiated to maintain some of the lowest electric rates in Wisconsin. The electric systems were upgraded with new electric transmission lines, new substations, and many replaced distribution lines to maintain a high level of reliability. The water system added a drinking water treatment plant, replaced and constructed additional wells and new water towers. The wells were protected with land purchases.